Community Sponsorship for Migrants and Refugees in Europe

CoSME is a Research Project of National Interest (PRIN 2022)  titled “Towards A European Model of Community Sponsorship for Refugees: Access, Reception and Integration”.

The project aims to develop a theoretical-practical framework for a European model of community sponsorship, focusing on public-private partnerships to facilitate the protected entry, initial reception and integration of migrants and refugees in Europe. The project addresses the fragmented nature of existing sponsorship programmes and examine the link between legal entry pathways and subsequent integration processes. It also assesses the potential of community sponsorship to promote social cohesion and inclusive societies, in line with the EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027. Through the exploration of three case studies – university corridors for refugees, private sponsorship for urban and rural employment, and public-private partnerships for managing mass displacement – the project provides  contextual insights for the development of a European model of community sponsorship.    

CoSME 2024