World Book Day. Promoting refugee education

This event, in commemoration of World Book Day, aims to provide refugee children aged seven (7) and above with an immersive experience tailored to foster a passion for learning and personal growth. Through engaging tours of University facilities, interactive sessions, and motivational talks, our objective is to ignite their curiosity, inspire their aspirations, and instil the belief that they too can achieve greatness through education.
The Programme includes:
1. Inspiring talks by individuals who have overcome adversity through education.
2. Interactive tours focused on various academic subjects, including science, technology, engineering, arts, socio-economics, law, and mathematics.
3. Guided campus tours of our facilities, including libraries, laboratories, and lecture halls, providing a glimpse into university life and the opportunities that await.
4. Q&A sessions with current university students and faculty members. 5. Fun activities and games designed to encourage teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking.

Event Details

23 April 2024

h 10:30 AM
Location: Via Santa Maria in Gradi 4, Viterbo

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